Welcome to this website. Thanks a lot for visiting! I created this website because I want to

help people out with studying an unknown language.

About this project

Welcome to this website. Thanks a lot for visiting! I created this website because I want to help people out with studying an unknown language. Why an unknown language? Well, I have this feeling that people don’t know where to start.

In my experience, I often tried to learn Spanish but I didn’t really know how to start and I was not really motivated after a while.

 It is difficult to start learning a new language, but it is even more difficult to study a language that has a completely different alphabet! That’s why I created this website.

There is a project at my school called Personal Project. Everybody needed to choose a topic which they like and then they needed to do some research about it. Finally, they have to create an end product.

I did my research about the language Bulgarian, how to learn a language and how to create a website. With as an end product: a website about a language.

There needed to be a challenge in this project so that’s why I chose to do a language with a different alphabet!


The people in Bulgaria love soup and salad. Shkembe is a traditional soup made from tripe. You are probably wondering what tripe is. Well, basically it is a thick lining inside a cow around the stomach in the belly. Probably this sounds pretty gross but it tasted better with more paprika. The tripe is boiled for multiple hours with oil, milk and paprika.

1 lb. tripe (calf belly) (0.454 kg)

1 cup (sunflower) oil

2 cups fresh milk

1 teaspoon paprika

1 tablespoon ground black pepper

1 tablespoon salt

2 garlic cloves, thinly diced and peeled

1/3 cup red wine vinegar

dried hot chilli pepper mix

Boil the tripe for about 30 mins, add oil, milk, black pepper and paprika and boil for another 30 mins and add some water when necessary. The longer you will cook it, the better it will taste.

Combine some salt, garlic and vinegar in a separate cup, let it soak for about an hour. Serve hot, garnish with the garlic and vinegar mixture and the hot chilli peppers.

Same recipe in Bulgarian

Хората в България обичат супи и салати! Шкембе чорба е традиционна супа, направена и басирана от шкембе. Сигурно се чудите какво е “шкембе”. Общо взето, това е дебела обгръвка във вътрешната част на кравата, която се намира около стомаха. Сигурно ви звучи леко гнусно и не-апетитно, но с добавена паприка, на вкус става чудесна. Шкембето се вари за няколко часа с олио, мляко и паприка.

1 паунд шкембе (0.454 кг)
1 чаша (слънчогледаво) олио
2 чаши прясно мляко
1 чаена лъжичка паприка
1 супена лъжица черен пипер
1 супена лъжица сол
2 скилидки чесън, тънко нарязани и обелени
1/3 чаши оцет от червено вино
изсушена гореща люта чушка

Оставете шкембето да се вари за около 30 минути, добавете олио, мляко, черен пипер и паприка, след което оставете да се вари за още 30 минути, добавяйки вода когато сметнете за нужно. Колкото повече оставите чорбата да се вари, толкова по вкусна ще бъде тя.
В отделна чаша, смесете сол, чесън и оцет и оставете да кисне за около един час. Сервирайте супата гореща. Използвайте смеската от чесън, оцет и лютите чушки за гарнитура и повече обугатен вкус.


 General information 

 The capital
and largest city of Bulgaria is Sofia. Other major cities are:


Bulgaria is the 16th largest country in Europe.

 Around 94%
of the Bulgarian population is an ethnic Slav and 82.6% of them belongs to the
Bulgarian Orthodox Church. It is the country’s traditional religion. The
largest religion is Islam, of which most are ethnic Turks. Bulgaria
has existed since the 7th century. It came under Ottoman rule for approximately
500 years. It became independent and embraced communism. This happened after
the Second World War. Nowadays, Bulgaria is a democracy. Bulgarian
souvenirs include: wood carving, pottery, and natural beauty products. Bulgaria
has always been a crossroad between Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Because
of this, Bulgaria’s traditional foods have been influenced by different countries.
A traditional dish would be then sirene -Bulgarian feta cheese; meat
(especially grilled lamb, pork or veal); fresh vegetables and yoghurt. On this
website, there is a recipe in Bulgarian and English.
The dish is called


When learning a language, it is often really hard to
start. What words is handy to know? When do you know a language and when do you
understand a news paper for example? It is clever to start learning the most
used words. That is going to be a good basis and it is easier to expand your
vocabulary from there. 


In the
Bulgarian alphabet there are 30 letters. Some letters are different than the
Roman alphabet. It is because this is a Slavic language. If you practice well
enough, you will recognize each letter and you will become a master in


Marleen Pol

Marleen Pol


My name is Marleen Pol. I am fifteen years old and I live nearby Groningen (The Netherlands). For a school project, I am helping people to start learning Bulgarian. You will find more information about that project on this website. If you have any questions whatsoever you can always contact me!